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Why Your Child Needs a Specialized Dentist

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Remember how scary it was to go to the dentist when you were a kid? And you had to be quiet in the waiting room? And there was a strange big person in the chair next to you? And….Well, let’s just say that going to the dentist wasn’t the world’s greatest activity. But what if your dentist’s office had actually been a kid-friendly place? What if they had paid attention to how you felt and knew how to communicate with you and help you get over being so nervous?

Parents, specialized children’s dentistry makes it possible for your kids to have a very different dental experience than you had as a child! Pediatric offices are designed to be kid-friendly and staffed by professionals who are trained to make your child’s appointment interactive and fun. Pediatric dentists have received specialized training in recognizing and treating the health needs of children. During their schooling, they study child psychology, child and adolescent behavior, growth and development, and the latest techniques in introducing and providing dental services to children. These factors make a huge difference in patient interaction.

CDC is passionate about children! With our adventure-themed decor and kid-approved dental phrases, we put kids and parents at ease. Every person who works in our office is a kid-specialist, and because we work with exclusively with children, we are familiar with the needs of families. We work hard to accommodate your schedule needs and to keep costs affordable for patients of all backgrounds. We believe that every child deserves access to specialized dental care, so we have three locations throughout northwest Georgia. We also partner with Crabapple Orthodontics to make sure that your child’s potential orthodontic needs are anticipated and addressed!

We believe that specialization is the key to a great dental experience for your children. Visit our website to see which of our locations is best for your family, and then give us a call to set up your appointment.